Ultra Spine Grass

Ultra Spine is a safe synthetic turf model for professional and amateur athletes. It meets the technical requirements easily with its keel yarn design and technological special material combinations. It is resistant to wear and abrasion. Ultra Spine is one of the «FIFA QUALITY» and « FIFA QUALITY PRO» certified products. The property is nature-friendly and recyclable.

Product Name:Ultra Spine General Features

Yarn Type: Monofilament V kesit

Yarn Properties: %100 PE

Pile Height of: 50mm

Stitch Rate/Meter: 120

Stitchs per meter square: 8200

Wight: 2.4 Kg per meter square

Dtex: 13,000

Color: Filed Green and Olive Green / Zebra Color

Factory Warranty: (5) years


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Terms & Conditions 

1)  Minimum order is 5 Players court (800) square meters. 

2) The Number & Price showing is Per Meter Square.

3) Delivery Time: 9-14 Businesses days  


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