Silica Sand Infill For Tennis Padel Turf

White Silica Sand  Washed For Tennis Padel Turf Size (0.3- 0.6)MM 

The textured structure perfectly encapsulates the silica sand as a stabilizing sand and ensures a constant volume. The recommended silica sand filling for this solution is only approx. 7-8 kg/m2. In conventional fibrillated and monofilament solutions, the silica sand amount is 15 kg/m2.

The textured artificial turf is also the one used in the WORLD PADEL TOUR.
The small amount of silica sand also contributes to the fact that the floor gains significantly in slip resistance. For the players, this also means more security in the game. The game is not affected. The bounce in the ball is excellent right from the start and immediately after installation on all points of the surface. Since there is no friction with the sand, the field as well as the balls have a longer life span. In addition, the visual appearance is perfect and it has a very homogeneous and intense color throughout the playing field. Available only in blue and green and it has a surcharge.


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Terms & Conditions 

1) Price Showing ONE TN = 1000 KG – Weight Of One Bag 50 KG 

2) One Pallet can load 2TN size Of Pallet 1.2w x1.2Lx1.5H

3) Delivery Time: 9-14 Businesses days – Price Not included delivery for local market 


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