Manufacturing Nets Custom Made Hight Quality

Custom Made Net Spain Products

We provide the full range of sporting and protective netting for stadiums, sports halls, sports centers, sports nets, golf courses, tennis courts, cricket training pitches, soccer clubs, homes, and more.

Dimensions: Length X Width X Hight  (Custom Made)

Mish Size: 5cm

Yarn Diameter: 4mm

Indore & Outdoor Product

Available for indoor practice nets, divisional nets, canvases, and roof/ lights/ window protection nets. All UV stabilized polypropylene synthetic netting. Water shrink and sunlight resistance.
Heavy-duty border cords are available to give extra strength. This product is very versatile and can be used for many indoor sporting activities.


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Terms & Conditions  

1) The Number & Price showing is Per one meter by one meter = 1 SQM

2) Minimum Order 20 SQM 

3) Delivery Time: 9-14 Businesses days 


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